At this point in my life (retirement or semi-retirement) a person asks themselves - what now?  What do I do with the time remaining in my life?

Do I pursue hobbies or start a new career?  Everyone has their own plans and dreams, mine are much more mundane but ambitious none-the-less.

Of course I will pursue my hobbies (guitar, boating, fishing, cycling, gardening), but there is one item on my list that is actually much more important than almost anything I've ever done - except for the raising of my children.

That item is summed up in one Bible verse:

"...But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence" (1Peter 3:15)

I am an evangelist for Jesus Christ and my hope is that all people accept him as Lord, are born again, and do it now as the time is short!

Contact me if you would like to more information on how you too can be saved from the trials that will engulf the world in the near future.

End of an era - Beginning of a new one

What's Next?

Location and Hours


I am now retired from full time steel detailing & fabrication, which lasted 33 years, where I filled almost every position possible in steel fabrication (except welding), detailing and project management.

I am thankful I had the opportunities that provided me with the experience I have, that it put food on my table,

and provided for my family. 

But I am very happy to have it all behind me and ready to start the next phase of my life!

I am grateful to those who have helped me and mentored me, and I enjoyed working with many people along the way.

I am available for consultation, quote reviews, drawing reviews, and project management,

but not for detailing or detailing brokering.

Please see the contact page for contact info.

​Phone: 425-773-6772

Mailing Address:

11014 19th Ave. SE

Suite 8-94

Everett, Wa. 98208



Mon - Fri

7am - 3pm
Closed Sundays